Dubai, Abu Dhabi.. The Emirates, a Destination that has it all!

Dubai is the second largest of the seven emirates, it is a rapidly growing, modern city often described in superlatives such as "booming" or "mega" or "bold". The innovative and daring architecture of its skyscrapers and impressively large real estate projects are recognized around the world. Fortunately, visitors and residents can enjoy the benefits of a modern city in addition to the beautiful surroundings of desert, stretches of white sandy beaches and rugged mountains.

Situated on the coast of the Arabian Gulf along the Dubai Creek (Khor), Dubai has long been an important trading centre. Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the father of the current ruler of Dubai, had the creek dredged to provide access to large vessels. Import/export trade of goods, notably gold from India, became the foundation of the economy. Today, walking along the creekside, one can still see dhows loaded with goods for shipping to Africa, Iran, India and the nearby Gulf countries.

Abu Dhabi brings together old world charm and cosmopolitan sophistication in a clean and safe environment. It offers a distinctive blend of east and west that appeals to all types of holidaymakers - whether seeking the adventure of a new cultural experience, an action-packed holiday or simply a relaxing escape.

A destination for the discerning traveller, the emirate has something for everyone - from the bustle and excitement of a dynamic 21st century city to endless unspoiled beaches, the tranquillity of the desert, rugged mountain scenery and lush green oasis.

The contrasts are remarkable. Much of the Abu Dhabi emirate is made up of the Rub Al Khali (or Empty Quarter), a vast arid desert famous for its spectacular sand dunes. This is a different world from the Manhattan-like skyline of Abu Dhabi city. Then there is Al Ain, the garden city on the emirate's border with Oman, the Liwa oasis set amidst towering red dunes and much more for the visitor to explore and discover.

As the Destination for Incentives and Events, The Emirates infrastructure and nature provide everything needed to make your happenings memorable and never to be forgotten.

We are able to operate your Event seamlessly on each of both cities and make you discover the true meaning of the Arabian hospitality with Momento.

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